Our free excel templates are designed to get new business owners started with bookkeeping.

A frequently asked question is ‘what do I put on a sales invoice?’  Specifically for UK businesses that are not VAT registered, this simple template will get you started very quickly.  Simply click on the title to download it, customise it with your company details, and logo, if you have one. Save it to your computer, and start invoicing customers.   If you have a limited company, please remember to include your company registration number, the country of registration (England, Wales, Scotland), and state the registered name and office address.

Sales Invoice (NON VAT)


If your business is VAT registered, there’s a little more information needed on your invoices. An overview of the requirements is given by HMRC here.   Remember to give each invoice a unique number.  This template is set up for standard (20%) rated products/services. You will need to amend the template if all or some of your sales are chargeable at a different rate.

Sales invoice template for VAT registered businesses


Something that’s important for tax purposes is to have a record of the business journeys travelled during the year. The information needed is the same for company directors, self-employed workers and employees.  Click on the title to download this free mileage record template, keep it in your vehicle and update it every time you travel by car for business. Use one sheet per week, month or even year, depending on how much you travel.

Mileage record template


Once you’ve started buying and selling, you need to keep track of your incoming and outgoing cash.  To get you started you may use our free cash book template  This simply records money received and paid out, and should be used for your full accounting year. The templates include bank, cash and paypal (or merchant) activity.

Cash book template for non-VAT registered businesses


Cash book template for VAT registered businesses



More templates coming soon.  If there’s anything you’d like to see here, or for any further information please get in touch.

Please note: all downloadable files have been virus checked at the time of upload, but you should carry out your own check before using the file.